treasures home


Treasures Foundation was established to provide accommodation for women who have a history of drug abuse and offending.

We offer wide-ranging practical support which assists people to develop the skills to live independently. The need for improved services for women in the criminal justice system was recognised in a report prepared by Baroness Corston in 2007. You can find an update on that report from 2017 here.

The Prison Reform Trust and Women in Prison ‘Home Truths’ Report from September 2016 summarises that six out of ten women do not have homes to go to on release from prison. It says: ‘a chronic shortage of suitable housing options for women who offend leads to more crime, more victims and more unnecessary and expensive imprisonment.’ The report notes there are particularly issues for those with additional vulnerabilities like substance misuse, mental health problems and domestic abuse. We support ex-offenders with halfway housing, access to rehabilitation centres and outreach programmes that create supportive environments in which women can recover from cycles of addiction, build healthy relationships and reach their full potential.

You can get an insight to what we do through this short film.