What we deliver

  • Comprehensive assessment of individual needs
  • Initial Health Awareness and Harminimisation key work session
  • Collaborative tailored care and action plans
  • One to one sessions, minimum of two per week depending on individual need

At Treasures we provide evidenced based psychosocial group work that incorporates but not inclusive of:

  • Motivation for Change
  • Relapse prevention incorporating problem solving and decision-making
  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Anger management and assertiveness training
  • Managing anxiety/depression
  • Overcoming Shame and Guilt
  • Treasures also refers to 12 step and cognitive behavioural therapy structured group programs in the community
  • Complimentary and Alternative Group Work

Treasures also has additional complimentary and alternative group work includes but not inclusive of includes:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Meditation